PSG 700 Scale SLIM

Scale mechanics in T-Rex Shape
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  • Fitting dimensions identical to T-Rex 700
  • Rear drive via T-Rex 700 angular gear
  • Connection to torque tube and flexible shaft drives from different fuselage manufacturers possible
  • Main and tail rotor speed adaptable (overview of speed variations, click here)
  • 2-stage main drive
  • Machined herringbone gears
  • Suitable up to 2m rotor diameter
  • Motors up to 63mm diameter possible (e.g. Kontronik Pyro 800/850 or Scorpion HK5035)
  • Unique warp resistant chassis construction



  • Main characteristics identical to standard version
  • Suitable for narrow scale fuselages
  • Servos located behind the main rotor shaft
  • Swashplate actuated via a bell crank


Engine Down

  • Main characteristics identical to standard version
  • Suitable for scale fuselages where no suitable mounting of the mechanics is possible. By hanging installation an increase in space in the dome is possible.
  • Motor diameter deviating from the standard specifications max. 58mm


Slim+Engine Down

  • Main characteristics identical to standard version
  • Combination of Slim and Engine Down


With our conversion kits the standard version can be upgraded to our Slim or Engine Down versions for the same additional Charge.

  • Length x height x width see drawing
  • Weight approx 950g depending on model
  • Rotor shafts Ø 12mm
  • Max. motor Ø 63mm (ED version max. Ø 58mm)
  • left- or right-hand Rotor drive available

The mechanics is delivered fully assembled and fully fitted according to your requests.

Including proper linkage servo/swashplate for the most popular servo manufacturers.

For more technical information, such as

- detailed drawing

please click here.