PSG-Dynamics ZENYT

Zenyt is unique

The slim silhouette and the 30mm tail boom without additional support gives the ZENYT its unmistakable sporty, dynamic look.

Zenyt is dynamic

The two-stage gearbox enables the slim aerodynamic design. The arrow-toothed gears prevent axial forces from occurring and protect the bearings. The freewheel bearing is located in the first gear stage and has a doubled design, enabling even the strongest drives to transmit their power safely to the rotor head.

The extremely stable gear unit can absorb the occurring engine forces perfectly, which relieves the chassis. The angled screw points on the dome plates contribute to the torsional rigidity.

No drive has yet brought this concept to its limits.

In order to have enough safety reserves also for the loads in the extreme 3D flight, all shafts were generously dimensioned and the motor shaft additionally is supported with an additional bearing block:

  • 10 mm spindle shaft
  • 12 mm main rotor shaft
  • 8 mm tail rotor shaft

Each shaft of the ZENYT is hardened, hollow drilled and centerless grinded, which guarantees highest precision and durability.

ZENYT gearbox

Zenyt is precious

The satisfaction of the customer is our top priority. Our products must be 100% convincing both in terms of feel and appearance.

That's why the best constructive solutions are uncompromisingly implemented for the ZENYT, even if they involve more production effort or higher material costs.

The gearbox is the heart of the ZENYT and is pre-assembled and adjusted at the factory to ensure perfect smooth running. The drive gears are not injected, but milled and screwed together in two parts on a hub.
The tail rotor with its cyclo-palloid-toothed bevel gears not only runs quietly but also has an extremely low-backlash linkage. The tail tube is first glass blasted and then anodized.

The black anodized aluminum parts, the laser engraving with ZENYT lettering and individual serial number, as well as high-quality accessories like our ZENYT bag with the embroidered logo further underline the value of this model.

ZENYT construction kit

Zenyt is Made in Germany

About 95% of the ZENYT is manufactured in-house. Purchased parts and raw materials are sourced from partners based in Germany. For example, the CFC canopy from Heli-Center-Berlin and the ball heads from Gabriel Stahlformenbau.

Our team pilots Tim Vöge and Heiko Fischer have determined equipment variants that we can fully recommend. Here, too, Made in Germany with drive components from Kontronik and FBL systems from Bavarian Demon is preferred.

All the components needed to air the ZENYT can be obtained from our PSG-Dynamics Shop to a special ZENYT customer discount price.

Team pilots Tim Vöge and Heiko Fischer

Technical datas ZENYT 730

  • Overall lenth: ca. 140cm
  • Canopy width: 120mm
  • Overall height: 370mm
  • Recommended blade length main rotor: 730mm ( max. 750mm)
  • Recommended blade length tail rotor: 105mm ( max. 110mm at 750mm main rotor blades)
  • Mechanics weight without blades: 2,7 Kg
  • Gear ratio motor/ main rotor: 10,22:1
  • Gear ratio main rotor/ tail rotor: 1:4,92

Recommended and tested motor / ESC combinations:

Balanced setup:

  • Motor: Kontronik Pyro 750-56 L (12S)
  • ESC: Kontronik Kosmik 160HV / 200HV

Power setup:

  • Motor: Kontronik Pyro 750-56 L Competition (12S) / Pyro 800- 48 Competition (14S) / Pyro 900-52 (14S) / Pyro 1000-48 (14S)
  • ESC: Kontronik Cool Kosmik 200HV

Further informations